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Sheet Music, Programmes, Magazine Posters, etc. (1970-1974)

"My Baby Loves Lovin'" Sheet Music, 1970

"I've Got You On My Mind" Sheet Music, 1970

NME Poll-Winners All-Star Concert 1969-1970 Programme (3rd May 1970)

Front cover

Decca Advertisement

List of Performers
(note: despite appearing, Ricky Wolff's name is left off)
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Featured band biography

THE saga of Tony Burrows, Roger Greenaway, session men et al. continues with WHITE PLAINS, the group which bounded up the chart with the (yes here they come again) Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook song "My Baby Loves Lovin'". It's all a bit confusing, even for the press people at Decca, the group's label, where they admit they can't keep track of what's going on in the group. 

To start at the beginning, White Plains emerged last August out of the Flowerpot Men--remember their "Let's Go To San Francisco" flower power smash. Tony Burrows, Peter Nelson and Robin Shaw were members of that group, bringing in Roger Greenaway when they changed their name and made "My Baby Loves Lovin'."

Tony of course was also a member of Edison Lighthouse and still is a part of the Brotherhood Of Man and half the Pipkins, both of whom are appearing here today, while Roger Greenaway--he and Roger Cook used to be David and Jonathan--is a well known pop songwriter who's with Tony in both the Brotherhood and Pipkins. But neither of them will be seen with White Plains this afternoon. Due to their other interests and Tony wanting to give more time to promoting himself as a soloist, they left just before the group recorded their second single, "I've Got You On My Mind", another Greenaway-Cook song first recorded by Dorian Gray.

If you're still with me, White Plains now number five with Robin Box, lead guitar and vocals, Brian Johnston, organ and vocals, and Julian Bailey, drums, teaming with Pete Nelson, rhythm guitar and lead vocals, and Robin Shaw, bass and vocals. And they are the men who'll be entertaining you here this afternoon as White Plains.*

[*Note: This bio illustrates the confusion of not only the press, but of the record company itself. During the promotional period for "My Baby Loves Lovin'", Roger Greenaway took over lead vocal duties for Ricky Wolff (who had sung lead in studio on their hit song, "My Baby Loves Lovin'"). Also during that time, Tony was claiming in interviews that it was himself on lead vocals. Yet it was Roger Greenaway who was appearing on lead not only on television, but in BBC Radio sessions. Despite Ricky Wolff having been a vocalist in the Flower Pot Men (he replaced Neil Landon) and was a part of White Plains recording and touring lineup, he is completely left out of the programme bio. Ricky did perform with White Plains at this event as a lead vocalist, but his name does not appear in the list of performers (a photo of Ricky with the group performing at the show can be found HERE). This group lineup appeared on Top of the Pops eleven days after this performance on 14 May 1970. Although the bio is missing key information, it is still basically factual. According to Roger Cook in an October 2017 podcast interview, Roger Greenaway does, in fact, sing background vocals along with Tony Burrows on the group's hit single.]

Early 1970, Jackie Magazine
Clockwise from bottom L: Ricky Wolff, Robin Shaw, Tony Burrows, and Pete Nelson

Jackie Magazine poster, June 1970 issue
L to R: Robin Box, Julian Bailey, Pete Nelson, Robin Shaw, and Brian Johnston

"Julie Do Ya Love Me?" Sheet Music, 1970

Pic of the 5th Nov 1970 TOTP performance of "Julie Do Ya Love Me?"
Panini sticker (Picture Pop #24, 1973)
L to R: Ricky Wolff, Pete Nelson, Robin Box, Robin Shaw, and Roger Hills

Poster from Israeli music magazine Lahiton, 1971
L to R: Roger Hills, Tony Hall, Robin Box, Pete Nelson, and Brent Scott Carter

Pin-up poster from German magazine Musik Express, October 1971
L to R: Roger Hills, Tony Hall, Robin Box, Pete Nelson, and Brent Scott Carter

"Step Into A Dream" Sheet Music, 1973
L to R: Robin Box, Robin Shaw, Pete Nelson, Ron Reynolds, and Roger Hills

Magazine poster/clipping, 1973
White Plains along with Thin Lizzy and the New Seekers

Diana Magazine poster, 18 August 1973 issue
L to R: Ron Reynolds, Pete Nelson, Robin Box, Robin Shaw, and Roger Hills

Poster from Fab 208 1974 Annual
L to R: Robin Shaw, Ron Reynolds, Pete Nelson, Robin Box, and Roger Hills

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posted by Kelly Kinsley