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Tex Marsh

c. 1966 Tex Marsh Born Roger Marsh, 1944 Bands: The Bad Boys (1962 - Oct/Nov 1965) The Quiet Five (late Dec 1965 - mid/late 1967) [Band Name Unknown] (Winter 1968) J.J. Jackson's Backing Band (c. early Spring 1968) James And Bobby Purify (Spring 1968) Melody Fair (c. late Spring 1968) Simon K & The Meantimers (Summer 1968 - Spring 1970) Gulf Stream (Session) (Autumn 1969) Bagge (Spring 1970 - Autumn 1970) Tommy Hunt Band (Autumn 1970 - early 1971, mid 1972 - mid 1973, c. late 1974 - 1976) Tony Hazzard (Solo) (early Spring 1972 & August 1972) White Plains (mid 1973 - late 1974) Joe Brown And The Bruvvers (1978 - early 1980s) Robin Box (Solo) (1982) Pete Sayers And The Dixie Bluebirds (c. mid-1980s) No Spring Chicken (c. 1988) The Bad Boys  (1962 to Oct/Nov 1965) The Bad Boys were a beat group formed in Northolt, NW London in 1962. The group started out playing local youth clubs and village halls, eventually recording a single u

David Kerr-Clemenson

c. 1976 Pic from David Kerr-Clemenson Born 1951 Bands: Fiends Incarnate / The Shameless (c. mid-1960s) Merlin Q (c. late 1967 - late 1970) Oscar Toney, Jr. (Backing Band) (c. Spring 1968 - 1970) Edison Lighthouse (late 1970 - 1973) White Plains (late 1973 - late 1974) Fast Buck (1975 - 2014) Two Two (1982-1984) Billy Bremmer (1984) Heyday (late 1985 - 1986) Fiends Incarnate / The Shameless (c. mid-1960s) Fiends Incarnate was a three-piece group composed of David Kerr-Clemenson, Dave Cole, and Martin Bryant. The band changed their name to The Shameless after guitarist Andy Locke joined the group. The Shameless would then become Merlin Q, with the addition of Wally Scott and Eddie Richards Merlin Q (c. late 1967 to late 1970) Merlin Q was formed out of London band The Shameless. Guitarist Wally Scott joined the group after the dissolution of his band The Bad Boys, who had been playing a two-year residency at the Piper Club in Rome. T