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White Plains' BBC Recordings

White Plains' BBC Recordings The following recordings were broadcast on BBC Radio 1's Top Of The Pops programme, hosted by Brian Matthews. This programme was recorded for the BBC Transcription Services and was meant for broadcast in overseas markets, namely the United States and Australia. These shows were not broadcast in the UK. The programme, which had it's start in late 1964, featured live recordings and BBC sessions which were originally aired on other radio and television programmes. They were compiled into an hour show (later a half hour), which also featured Brian interviewing one of the featured artists. To learn more about Brian Matthew's Top Of The Pops go  HERE Episode # 285  (broadcast May 1970) This episode features BBC studio recordings of "My Baby Loves Lovin'" and "I've Got You On My Mind". "My Baby Loves Lovin'" was most likely recorded earlier in the year, as it features Producer Roger Greenaw

White Plains Gigs (1970-1974)

© Photo by Chris Walter Pete Nelson performing live c. 1971 White Plains Gigs (1970-1974) 1970 24 April 1970  (Friday) - Shrewsbury Music Hall , Shrewsbury, UK 25 April 1970  (Saturday) - Copamo , Oswestry, UK 29 April 1970 (Wednesday) - Rebecca's , Birmingham, UK 1 May 1970 (Friday) - Flamingo , Hereford, UK 3 May 1970 (Sunday) - NME Poll-Winners All-Star Concert, Empire Pool , Wembley, UK Week of 3 May 1970 - Doubling at Tito's , Stockton (venue changed from previously announced  La Dolce Vita , Newcastle) and Latino , South Shields, UK 11-16 May 1970  -  The Cavendish , Birmingham, UK 4 June 1970  (Thursday) - Record Mirror's Extravaganza '70, Empire Hall at Olympia , London, UK 6 June 1970  (Saturday) -  The Ballroom , Margate, Kent, UK 11 June 1970  (Thursday) - Drogheda, Ireland 12 June 1970 (Friday) -  Flamingo Ballroom , Ballymena, Northern Ireland 13 June 1970  (Saturday) -  New Arcadia , Wicklow, Ireland 14 June 1970  (Sunday) - Straban

Sheet Music, Programmes, Magazine Posters, etc. (1970-1974)

"My Baby Loves Lovin'" Sheet Music, 1970 "I've Got You On My Mind" Sheet Music, 1970 NME Poll-Winners All-Star Concert 1969-1970 Programme (3rd May 1970) Front cover Decca Advertisement List of Performers (note: despite appearing, Ricky Wolff's name is left off) [click for larger view] Featured band biography Text: WHITE PLAINS THE saga of Tony Burrows, Roger Greenaway, session men et al . continues with WHITE PLAINS, the group which bounded up the chart with the (yes here they come again) Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook song "My Baby Loves Lovin'".  It's all a bit confusing, even for the press people at Decca, the group's label, where they admit they can't keep track of what's going on in the group.  To start at the beginning, White Plains emerged last August out of the Flowerpot Men--remember their "Let's Go To San Francisco" flower power smash. Tony Burrows, Peter

Magazine Articles, Reviews, Ads, etc. (1970-1974)

Magazine Articles, Reviews, Ads, etc. (1970-1974) 3 January 1970, New Musical Express Review of "My Baby Loves Lovin'", NME, 3 Jan 1970 Text: Happy New Year! The first of our 1970 singles is by a group called WHITE PLAINS, and it's a number written and produced by Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook, titled 'My baby loves lovin'. It's a tremendous catchy tune with nicely interwoven vocal harmonies and a super arrangement -- a very lively and wideawake sound. It's on Deram, and the number is DM 280. Pete Nelson misidentified as Tony Burrows in the  7 Feb 1970 issue of Record Mirror 14 February 1970, New Musical Express White Plains/Brotherhood Of Man article, 14 Feb 1970, NME Text: TWO NEW GROUPS WITH MUCH IN COMMON THERE seems to be a certain amount of cross-pollination between the White Plains and Brotherhood Of Man groups, who enter the NME Chart at Nos. 24 and 29 respectively. The White Plains' "My Baby Lov