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Pete Nelson and Ron Reynolds, 1973

Zenith was formed out of White Plains in late 1974 by Pete Nelson, Ron Reynolds, and Robin Box. Two singles were released on the Dawn label, both co-written by Pete Nelson and Ron Reynolds and produced by Tony Hiller. It isn't confirmed if bassist David Kerr-Clemenson (also from the 1973/1974 White Plains lineup) was involved in this project. Nor is it confirmed who played drums on the tracks, as Roger Hills had left White Plains in mid-1973 and Tex Marsh had gone on to rejoin the Tommy Hunt Band around late 1974.

Pete Nelson - vocals
Robin Box - guitar
Ron Reynolds - keyboards

Singles (UK):
"A Face You Won't Forget" b/w "Just The Two Of Us In Mind" (released January 17, 1975)
"A Fool That Was In Love" b/w "Silent Words" (released May 9, 1975)

c. 1973
Robin Box and Pete Nelson

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posted by Kelly Kinsley