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Ron Reynolds

Left: 1967, Right: 1973

Ron Reynolds
Born Ronald Reynolds, date unknown

Jon (1967 - early 1968)
Still Life (early 1968 - March 1968)
Warren Davis Monday Band (March 1968 - Aug 1968)
Candy Choir (Jan 1970 - mid-1972 ???)
White Plains (mid 1972 - late 1974)
Zenith (late 1974 - 1975)
White Plains [Ron's lineup] (late 1970s - early 1980s)

Jon (1967 - early 1968)
Jon was a Psych Pop group formed in England in 1967. They released two singles before changing their name to Still Life in early 1968. Irish singer Jonathan Kelly is often miscredited as lead singer of this group.  

Chris Simmons - vocals
Stuart Cowell (ex-Rockhouse Band) - guitar
Tom Tierney (ex-The Luvvers) - bass
Jim Toomey (ex-Arthur Brown Union) - drums
Ron Reynolds - hammond organ

Singles (UK):
"So Much For Mary" (Chris Andrews) b/w "Polly Sunday" (Eden, Elvin), Parlophone, 9 Jun 1967
"Is It Love" (Leopold, Mills) b/w "Sing Out" (Trad., Arr. Jon), Columbia, 18 Aug 1967

Singles (USA):
"Is It Love" (Leopold, Mills) b/w "So Much For Mary" (Chris Andrews), Epic, 27 Oct 1967

Thanks to Jim Toomey for providing info.

1967 45 picture sleeve
Clockwise from bottom L: Jim Toomey, Tom Tierney, Stuart Cowell, and Ron Reynolds
(Chris Simmons not pictured)

Advertisement, Melody Maker, 10 June 1967
L to R: Tom Tierney, Jim Toomey, Ron Reynolds, and Stuart Cowell
Photo courtesy of Nick Warburton

Advertisement, Melody Maker, 24 June 1967
Clockwise from bottom: Jim Toomey, Ron Reynolds, Tom Tierney, and Stuart Cowell
Photo courtesy of Nick Warburton

Still Life (early 1968 to March 1968)
After Chris Simmons left Jon to go solo, guitarist Stuart Cowell took over as lead vocalist and the band recorded another single under the name Still Life. Bassist Tom Tierney switched from bass to rhythm guitar and Con Byrne was added on bass. On 25 March 1968, Still Life performed a show at the Marquee in London. The three remaining members of The Warren Davis Monday Band were in attendance that night and soon asked the entire Still Life lineup to join them.

Stuart Cowell - lead vocals/guitar
Tom Tierney - rhythm guitar
Con Byrne - bass
Jim Toomey - drums
Ron Reynolds - hammond organ

Singles (UK):
"What Did We Miss" (Cowell, Toomey) b/w "My Kingdom Cannot Lose" (Korda), Columbia, 9 Feb 1968

Still Life, 1968
Photo courtesy of Nick Warburton

Warren Davis Monday Band (late March 1968 to early Aug 1968)
The Warren Davis Monday Band were a blue-eyed soul outfit formed in late 1966. After several lineup changes, the three remaining members merged with the band Still Life in late March 1968. After yet another lineup change, the band was dissolved by early August 1968.

Members (late March to mid-July 1968):
Warren Davis (aka Max Spinks) - lead vocals
Del Paramor - tenor sax
Roger Davis - tenor sax
Stuart Cowell - guitar/vocals
Tom Tierney - rhythm guitar
Con Byrne - bass
Jim Toomey - drums
Ron Reynolds - hammond organ

It's not clear if this was the lineup that recorded the track "The No. 54 Putney Bus" for a TV Series (starring the band) that never came to be. This track was never released. 

Members (mid-July to early August):
Warren Davis - lead vocals
Stuart Cowell - lead guitar/vocals
Con Byrne - bass
Jim Toomey - drums
Ron Reynolds - hammond organ

For a more in-depth history on this band go HERE

Warren Davis, 45 picture sleeve, 1967
Pic from

Candy Choir (Jan 1970 to mid-1972 ???)
The Candy Choir was formed in Kent, UK in 1965. The band went through several lineup changes, releasing their own singles and serving as the backing band for both Crispian St. Peters and Barry Ryan. In January 1970, Ron Reynolds took over rhythm guitar duties from Brian Fletcher. A few weeks later, Candy Choir performed with Barry Ryan on the 5th Feb 1970 episode of Top of The Pops. It's not known whether or not Ron stayed on in the band until joining White Plains in mid-1972.

Members (Feb 1970):
Eddie Wheeler - lead guitar
Ron Reynolds (replaced Brian Fletcher) - rhythm guitar
Dave Brien (aka Dave O'Brien) - bass
Danny Beckett - drums

The single "Magical Spiel" by Barry Ryan With Candy Choir, released on 30 Jan 1970, was recorded a couple of months before Ron had joined the band.

Thanks to Brian Fletcher for providing info.

Performing with Barry Ryan on TOTP, 5/2/1970
Left: Dave Brien, Right: Ron Reynolds

White Plains (mid 1972 to late 1974)
In mid-1972, sax player Tony Hall and sax player/flautist Brent Scott Carter left the group and keyboardist Ron Reynolds was brought onboard. Ron would prove a valuable member, not only as keyboardist and songwriter, but also as a vocalist. He co-wrote "Beachcomber", "Look To See", and "Does Anybody Know Where My Baby Is?", with the last title also featuring him on lead vocals. It's not known if any of the tracks from the previously unreleased album, New Peaks, were penned by Ron. He does, however, take the lead on their cover of the Carpenters' hit "Superstar". He remained with the band until they disbanded in late 1974, but would record with the remaining members under the name Zenith at year's end.
See Biography Page

Members (mid 1972 - late 1974)
Pete Nelson - vocals, rhythm guitar, piano (1969-1974, 1978)
Robin Box - lead guitar, vocals (1969-1974, 1978)
Robin Shaw - bass, vocals (1969 - late 1973)
David Kerr-Clemenson - bass, vocals (late 1973 - 1974)
Roger Hills - drums (1969, mid 1970 - mid 1973)
Tex Marsh - drums (mid 1973 - 1974)
Ron Reynolds - keyboards, vocals (mid-1972 - 1974)

Singles (UK):
"Dad You Saves The World" (J. Hill, R. Hill) b/w "Beachcomber" (Horne, Nelson), Deram, 6 Oct 1972
"Step Into A Dream" (Cook, Greenaway) b/w "Look To See" (Nelson, Horne, Reynolds), Deram, 12 Jan 1973
"Does Anybody Know Where My Baby Is?" (Reynolds, Horne) b/w "Just For A Change" (Nelson), Deram, 4 May 1973
"Julie Anne"** (Shaw, Nelson) b/w "Sunny Honey Girl" (Cook, Greenaway, Goodison, Hiller), Deram,  16 Nov 1973  
**[Originally released a  B-side on 7 Jan 1972, prior to Ron joining the group]
"Ecstasy" (Cook) b/w "A Simple Man" (Nelson), Deram, 31 May 1974

White Plains, 1973
Back: Robin Box, Pete Nelson, Roger Hills
Front: Robin Shaw and Ron Reynolds

White Plains in a 1973 promo for "My Baby Loves Lovin'"
L to R: Ron Reynolds, Robin Box and Robin Shaw

White Plains, 1973
Back: Robin Shaw, Robin Box and Roger Hills
Front: Pete Nelson and Ron Reynolds

L to R: Robin Shaw, Ron Reynolds, Pete Nelson, Robin Box, and Roger Hills
Pic from Fabulous 208 1974 Annual

Zenith (late 1974 to 1975)
Zenith was formed out of White Plains in late 1974 by Pete Nelson, Ron Reynolds, and Robin Box. Two singles were released on the Dawn label, both co-written by Pete Nelson and Ron Reynolds and produced by Tony Hiller. It isn't confirmed who played drums on the tracks, as Roger Hills had left White Plains in mid-1973 and Tex Marsh had gone on to rejoin the Tommy Hunt Band. Nor is it confirmed who played bass, as both David Kerr-Clemenson and Robin Shaw were also involved with other projects.

Pete Nelson - vocals
Robin Box - guitar
Ron Reynolds - keyboards

Singles (UK):
"A Face You Won't Forget" (Reynolds, Nelson) b/w "Just The Two Of Us In Mind" (Reynolds, Nelson), Dawn, 17 Jan 1975
"A Fool That Was In Love" (Reynolds, Nelson) b/w "Silent Words" (Reynolds, Nelson), Dawn, 9 May 1975

45 Promo label
Pic from

White Plains [Ron's lineup] (late 1970s to early 1980s)
In the late 1970s, Ron Reynolds performed under the name White Plains in a band based out of Cambridge. The group consisted of Ron, bassist Nigel Fear, and an unknown drummer. The band performed locally, but did not record. In 1979, Ray Royal took over on drums and remained with the group for about eighteen months. Nigel Fear was later replaced on bass by Mick Abrahams (not to be confused with the Jethro Tull guitarist of the same name). By the early '80s, Ron Reynolds had left the group, relocated to Suffolk, and began doing solo work. Mick Abrahams and drummer Ray Royal still perform today as White Plains, along with fellow members Karen, Richie (Ricky) Persell, and bassist Alfie.

Members (late 1970s):
Ron Reynolds - vocals, keyboards, guitar
Nigel Fear - bass
Mick Abrahams - bass
Ray Royal - drums

Thanks to Ray Royal for providing info.

Ron Reynolds and Ray Royal in 1979
Photo courtesy of Ray Royal (

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