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Julian Bailey

c. Spring 1970
Pic from Jackie Magazine, June 1970 Issue

Julian Bailey
b. April 1943, d. July 2001 

Ricky Forde and the Cyclones (1960 - early 1964)
Peter and Gordon's backing band (The Cyclones) (early 1964 - 1966)
Pete Budd and The Rebels (1965 - 1966)
The Kytes (1966 - 1969)
White Plains (Spring 1970 - mid 1970)
Crucible (1971)

Ricky Forde and the Cyclones (1960 to early 1964)
Ricky Forde and the Cyclones were formed by five schoolmates in Bristol, UK in 1960. By 1962, the group had moved on from playing local gigs to nightly bookings around all of South West England. They then moved on to a residency gig in Hamburg. After their return from Hamburg in 1963, Roger Jones left the group and Julian quickly took over on drums. Vocalist Ricky Forde soon left the group and the remaining members continued on as a three-piece. The group then moved to London and in early 1964, Peter and Gordon asked Eddie, Julian, and Freddie to join them as their backing band. 

Ricky Forde (aka Bill Green) - vocals (1960-1963) 
Eddie King - guitar (1960-1964) 
Julian Bailey - guitar (1960-1963), drums (1963-1964)
Freddie Allen - bass (1960-1964) 
Roger Jones - drums (1960-1963)

Thanks to Eddie King for providing info.

Ricky Forde & The Cyclones, early '60s
L to R: Roger Jones, Freddie Allen, Julian Bailey, Eddie King, and Ricky Forde
Photo courtesy of Eddie King

Peter and Gordon's backing band (The Cyclones) (early 1964 to 1966)
After Ricky Forde and Roger Jones left The Cyclones, the remaining members joined Peter and Gordon as their backing band in early 1964. Julian Bailey and Freddie Allen toured with the backing band only in the UK and Europe. Due to cost, only Eddie King was invited to tour with the band in Japan. During the Japanese tours, the backing band consisted of Eddie and a group of Japanese musicians (most likely a group called The Spiders). Julian played in various bands around London and Bristol while Peter and Gordon were away playing overseas gigs (see The Rebels post below). Jimmie Nicol (who famously filled in for Ringo on a string of dates in the Summer of 1964) took over on drums for several shows during these years. In 1966, Eddie, Julian, and Freddie split from Peter and Gordon and changed their name to The Kytes.

Peter Asher - vocals
Gordon Waller - vocals
Eddie King - guitar
Freddie Allen - bass
Julian Bailey - drums

Thanks to Eddie King for providing info.

Peter and Gordon c. 1964
Photo from

Live in Tokyo, 1964
Eddie King with The Spiders, Peter & Gordon
Photo courtesy of Eddie King

Eddie King and friends during a tour of Australia
Photo courtesy of Eddie King

Pete Budd and The Rebels (1965 to 1966)
While Eddie King was on tour with Peter and Gordon in Japan and Australia, Julian joined up with Bristol band Pete Budd and The Rebels. The band was originally formed in the late 1950s and its former members included singer Les Watts and drummer Ivor Newick. Guitarist/vocalist Pete Budd went on to record with Rainbow People in 1968 and later joined "scrumpy and western" band The Wurzels. 

Pete Budd - vocals, guitar
Dave Radford - bass
Mike "Ace" Scudder - keyboards
Julian Bailey - drums

Thanks to Eddie King for providing info.

Pete Budd and The Rebels, c. 1965
L to R: Pete Budd, Julian Bailey, Mike Scudder, and Dave Radford
Photo courtesy of Eddie King

The Kytes (1966 to 1969)
After leaving Peter and Gordon in 1966, The Cyclones changed their name to The Kytes and added Dave Gillis on bass. The group recorded two singles that year: "Blessed" (a Simon and Garfunkel cover) and "Frosted Panes". A third would be recorded in 1968 with a different lineup.
During these years, Freddie, Julian and Eddie served as the house band for Studio Republic (later called Republic Studios) near London. The studio was owned by Eddie King himself, along with his cousin. The Kytes singles were recorded there, along with demos for Del Shannon, pre-Abbey Road Peter and Gordon demos, the single "I'll Get Over You" by Bristol group Lot 39, and Olivia Newton-John's first single (see "Songwriting / Sessions" entry below). 

Members (1966-1967):
Eddie King - vocals, guitar
Freddie Allen - guitar, vocals
Julian Bailey - drums
Dave "Dobie" Gillis - bass

Singles (UK):
"Blessed" (Simon) b/w "Call Me Darling" (Bailey, Allen), Pye, 10 Jun 1966**
"Frosted Panes" (King) b/w "I'll Give You Better Love" (Cook, Greenaway), Pye, 23 Sep 1966 (Roger Cook sings backup on the B-side)

[** Julian Bailey sings lead on the single's B-side "Call Me Darling"]

At this point, the lineup changed, with Freddie and Dave leaving the band.

Members (Feb 1968):
Eddie King - vocals, guitar
Julian Bailey - drums
John Peters - bass
Pete Robinson - hammond organ

Singles (UK):
"Running In The Water" (Bailey, King) b/w "End Of The Day" (Bailey, King), Island, 13 Feb 1968

A more in-depth history of The Kytes can be found HERE

The Kytes
L to R: Freddie Allen, Dave Gillis, Eddie King and Julian Bailey

Photo from

White Plains (Spring 1970 - mid 1970)
Julian was part of the first touring lineup of White Plains. Besides touring, this lineup also performed at the 1970 NME Poll Winners All-Star Concert on 3 May 1970 and appeared on the 14 May 1970 episode of Top of The Pops. Julian left the band once original drummer Roger Hills returned from a residency in Montreal in the Summer of 1970. During the early '70s, Julian continued to work with his fellow Bristolians Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway in the studio.
See Biography Page

Members (Spring 1970 - mid 1970):
Pete Nelson - vocals, rhythm guitar, piano (1969-1974, 1978)
Ricky Wolff - vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, flute, sax (1969 - early 1971)
Robin Shaw - bass, vocals (1969 - late 1973)
Robin Box - lead guitar, vocals (1969-1974, 1978)
Brian Johnston - keyboards, vocals (Spring 1970 - Autumn 1970)
Julian Bailey - drums (Spring 1970 - mid 1970)

Julian on TOTP with White Plains, 14 May 1970
L to R: Brian Johnston, Ricky Wolff, Robin Box, Pete Nelson, Robin Shaw, and Julian Bailey
Photo from Popscene

Spanish 45 sleeve, pic taken at Cookaway offices, Spring 1970
L to R: Robin Shaw, Robin Box, Brian Johnston (at piano),
Ricky Wolff, Julian Bailey, Pete Nelson

Another shot from the Cookaway offices, Spring 1970
L to R: Robin Shaw, Brian Johnston, Ricky Wolff and Julian Bailey

Crucible (1971)
In early 1971, Rick Wolff left White Plains to pursue a solo project, which involved other members of White Plains, along with Gordon Haskell (ex-Flower Pot Men, Fleur de Lys) and Martin Sack (ex-Martinets, Melody Fair). The recordings were shelved and an album was never released. At some point Rick's project was combined with that of fellow White Plains member, Robin Shaw, and was given the name Crucible. A combined total of sixteen tracks were recorded, but only four have ever been released. 
See full biography HERE

Rick Wolff - lead vocals, harmonium
Robin Box - guitar
Gordon Haskell - bass
Martin Sack - bass
Roger Hills - drums
Robin Shaw - lead vocals, bass
Julian Bailey - drums

Albums (UK):
Extremes (Excerpts From The Soundtrack), Various Artists, LP, Deram, 1972
Extremes (Excerpts From The Soundtrack), Various Artists, CD, Gonzo Multimedia, 7 April 2017

Thanks to Gordon Haskell and Martin Sack for providing info.

Back cover of soundtrack CD, 2017

Songwriting / Sessions:
In 1966, a song written by Julian Bailey and his Kytes bandmate Freddie Allen was recorded and released as the B-side of Olivia Newton-John's first single. Eddie King was introduced to Olivia soon after she arrived in the UK and signed her to a one-record deal which was released on Decca Records. The tracks "Till You Say You'll Be Mine" and "For Ever" were recorded at Studio Republic under the production of Eddie King. The Kytes (Eddie King, Julian Bailey, and Freddie Allen), who served as the studio's house band, provided the backing tracks.

Olivia Newton-John "Till You Say You'll Be Mine" (DeShannon) b/w "For Ever" (Allen, Bailey), Decca, 13 May 1966

Thanks to Eddie King and Austin Sayer for providing info.

An Emidisc acetate copy of "For Ever", 1966

If you have any corrections or further information about Julian, please contact me (Kelly).

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