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L to R: Roger Hills, Robin Shaw and Rick Wolff
circa Summer 1970

In early 1971, White Plains vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Rick Wolff left the band to pursue a solo project (tentatively titled Running Wolff). Several tracks were recorded at AIR Studios in London under the production of Roger Cook. The project involved other members of White Plains, along with Gordon Haskell (ex-Flower Pot Men, Fleur de Lys) and Martin Sack (ex-Martinets, Melody Fair). The songs were shelved after being deemed not commercial enough by the production company and an album was never released. In late 1971, filmmakers Tony Klinger and Michael Lytton, searching for music for their upcoming documentary on non-conformists (Extremes), visited several publishing companies on Denmark Street, one of them being Dick James, which had recently acquired Cookaway Music. Three of Rick's tracks were included on the soundtrack, along with one by Robin Shaw. It's not known if the song "Box Man" was part of Robin's own solo project or if it was part of another planned side project. According to White Plains website, some tracks were recorded at Morgan Studios and involved former White Plains drummer, Julian Bailey. At some point, the decision was made to combine these two projects into one and was given the name Crucible. The soundtrack, which included the tracks "Elvish Queen", "Box Man", "Hit It", and "We Gotta Watch Out", was originally released on LP in 1972. On 7 April 2017, the soundtrack was released for the first time on CD (along with the original documentary DVD), which can be purchased HERE.

Rick Wolff - lead vocals, harmonium
Robin Box - guitar
Gordon Haskell - bass (on 8 tracks)
Martin Sack - bass (on 2 tracks)
Roger Hills - drums
Robin Shaw - lead vocals, bass
Julian Bailey - drums

Discography from White Plains website

Three of Rick's tracks not listed on the above discography were also recorded at AIR Studios. "Follow The Leader", "Dreamin'", and "I'm A Man Of The World" (which all featured Gordon Haskell on bass)."I'm A Man Of The World" also included an orchestral string arrangement by Ann Ival.

Tracks with Gordon Haskell on bass: "Follow The Leader", "Dreamin'", "Elvish Queen", "Everybody Laugh Everybody Sing", "We Gotta Get Outta Here", "We Gotta Watch Out", and "Told You Once Told You Twice", and "I'm A Man Of The World".

Tracks with Martin Sack on bass: "Show Me You Love" and a second unknown track.

Thanks to Gordon Haskell and Martin Sack for providing info.

Crucible biography also posted at This biography was written by me. If you see any errors or have any further information regarding this band, please contact me (Kelly).

L to R: Robin Box, Rick Wolff and Julian Bailey
early to mid-1970

Gordon Haskell, early 1970s
Photo from DGM Live

Martin Sack, early 1970s
Photo courtesy of Martin Sack

posted by Kelly Kinsley